I created


to put my corporate, agency, and nonprofit experience to work for organizations and individuals seeking clear direction about their purpose, priorities, and plans. My career includes:

  • 20 years with The Coca-Cola Company, providing communications strategy for its marketing and philanthropic programs
  • 13 years with Jackson Spalding marketing communications, leading brand strategy and building the creative department
  • 7 years providing public relations support for Special Olympics and other sports programs
  • Extensive experience serving on boards of nonprofits

Since 2001, I have lived by a personal constitution, inspired by the book The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management. Encouraged by the change I experienced in my life, I created the workshop Attentional Living™, designed as a practical approach to life planning.

I advise my clients to share their core values on their websites because I believe those values provide insight into what it would be like to work with them. So here are mine:

  • Be curious:

    • Why are things as they are?
    • What’s at the core of those ideas or issues?
    • How could I apply those insights?
  • Be creative:

    • What’s the charge or challenge?
    • From what directions could I approach it?
    • What solution would be the right fit?
  • Be considerate:

    • Am I being respectful of others’ time and opinions?
    • Do I exhibit kindness and compassion?
    • Did I adequately express my thanks?
  • Be committed:

    • Am I paying attention to what matters most?
    • Did I do what I said I was going to do?
    • How could I add extra value?