Designed for organizations, the Brand Construct helps answer these 3KQ:

  • 1) Who we are/what do we do?
  • 2) How do we do it?
  • 3) Why does what we do matter?
These answers are put into words as a brand foundation, including a mission or purpose statement, core values, brand positioning and essence, and key messages.

The process includes four phrases:





Mart Martin facilitates the research and workshop, creates the foundation, and then collaborates with you until the final product is achieved. He has conducted a similar process for more than 50 clients.

  • “I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the work you have done. As a marketer, it is so wonderful to have this important framework from which to work.” (Nonprofit marketing director)

  • “It was a super exercise and forces one to think about the bare and essential truth statements. Too often we experience too much fluff and not enough substance. Thank you for making such a strong presentation and making our time worthwhile.” (Telecom marketing VP)

  • “Thanks for your extraordinary leadership – the entire team had a great day with you discovering more about our brand. I’m excited to see your ideas come to life.” (Leadership development program COO)