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Look for the book coming soon!

Attentional Living Book by Mart Martin

Look for the book coming soon!

Designed for individuals (especially groups in a workshop setting), Attentional Living® helps answer these 3KQ:

  • 1) Who am I?
  • 2) What do I truly value?
  • 3) How can those insights change my life?

Using his own story and experiences, facilitator Mart Martin shows you how to achieve clarity about the things that matter most, put them in the proper order, and then how to put that clarity into words by creating realistic goals for each. He creates space during the session for you to actually do those exercises, so you leave with a lot of the work done and a sense of real progress. 

Participants have found that applying what’s discovered through this dedicated time gives their lives more direction, leading them to a greater level of contentment and fulfillment in their lives.

  • “It gave me some great perspective on areas in my life I want to prioritize and spend more time on – it was eye opening to say the least. It was so brave of you to share your personal story with us – kudos to you. Thanks again for this and I look forward to accomplishing these goals.” (PR firm team member)

  • “The content at our winter retreat was inspiring but also practical and I’ve been diligent in ‘practicing.’” (leadership program participant)

  • “Thank you for sharing the concept of a life plan; it has been a gamechanger for my wife and me.” (restaurant company executive)